What can Snapchat versus Facebook teach us?

The recent buzz about Snapchat made me realise that the shorter the content life span, the higher the value. Opposed to Facebook whose purpose is to keep a record of everything about you since birth, Snapchat’s posts disappear as soon as the recipient has seen them. Such communication platforms are extremely popular in the youngest age groups but are still failing to convince a larger audience. Most businesses and communities would not support the request from staff and members for an ephemeral messaging system. Why not? And is there an interest?

Because there is no use for it?
For businesses, being much less disturbing in open spaces, it could replace voicemail; while creating a very useful communication channel for informal messages between emails and the internal portal. The use of Lync / Skype as a corporate tool allows distant teams to contact each other in real time and has proved to be a considerable asset to remote project communication. For communities, it could be useful during an event for participants to chat about a session, ask questions to a presenter, and arrange meetings with other delegates. Some systems are already in use in event apps. These are only the most obvious applications for such a system that could very well lighten mailboxes and enhance the communication network within a group.

Because the data volume would overload the servers?
Probably not. We’re talking about messages of limited length, having a very limited life span. In the case of a community which would set-up a messaging tool for an event, the data would most likely have a life span equal to the event duration.
Regarding a tool set up for a company, the data could be stored centrally for a few days – preventing misuse of the system and keeping data storage under control.

I like the principle of posts which are wiped off the wall as soon as I’ve read them, it would help to keep noise and music apart and make our mailboxes and collaborative platforms more business oriented while preserving social links and short term information. It is like having a basement where the things that you will never use again just disappear to free up space for more.

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