Community Management services

Because Communities are not managed as regular businesses.

After spending over 10 years serving international societies, leading several of their websites redesign projects and participating in the set-up of their communication strategy, I have an extended knowledge of what the expectations of professional communities might be.

Community Management

Listen and learn

There are many ways to meet a community’s needs and the first step is very often to learn about those wishes that are seldom expressed. Before you start to invest in any community development project, you have to learn what your members and customers need. A professionally designed survey will allow you to collect more valuable data. The data analysis step can give you very good insight about future developments opportunities.

  • Set-up of professional members/customer surveys
  • Data analysis of the responses collected and report production
Community Management


  • Propose axis of development based on business analysis and survey results
  • Define the policy and channels to strengthen your community’s attractiveness
  • Analyse the existing products and communication to build development proposals
  • Identify of the new products and select the most appropriate for you
Community Management


  • Writing of the processes and guidelines which will allow you to manage those products on the long term
  • Set-up of a social media strategy for your communities
  • Create and customise accounts to the appropriate social media for your business area
  • Provide your structure with the most adapted guidelines to get the most of them
  • Train your people so that they don’t feel lost with those new tools
Community Management


  • Develop interactive product to facilitate networking (groups and individuals)
  • Newsletter: You already have one but do your members read it? Do they like it?
  • Interactive content: This can be videos, webcasts, podcasts of interview or simply articles commenting/rating
  • Forum: Do your customers ask for one? Wouldn’t it be nice to use it to build a knowledge base for your community?
  • Blog: You write articles, let opinion leaders share their views, this valuable content could make you a blog.
  • Search feature: You have one but does it bring up pertinent results?
Community Management


  • Recommendation: This is not only for Amazon! Most of the media website are using it.
  • Wiki: Your community is about scientific, technical purpose, then you could think about building a wiki
  • Resources repository: You organise events, produce whitebooks or guidelines, then you could share those valuable resources with your community and encourage member’s posting.