Chef de Projets, Spécialiste des Communautés

Valérie est une personne à la fois très dynamique et structurée, avec une vraie compétence en gestion des contenus web et community management ! Je vous recommande ses services.

Christine MORLET, CSP, Keynote Speaker Positive Influence Specialist, 16 Jan 2014

Webmaster & Responsable Communication Congrès EMEA 2012

Valérie est extrêmement attentive aux mises à jour de notre site web. Elle a entamé sa modernisation en utilisant des composants et techniques récents. Elle est capable de raffiner et structurer nos contenus bruts afin de les rendre attractifs pour le web et organise magnifiquement la communication sur notre site.
Elle est créative et vraiments très appréciée en tant que Webmaster. En tant que bénévole, il est agréable de travailler avec elle.

Jean-Michel GROLEAU, President of PMI France Sud Chapter, 23 Oct 2012

Dans une association telle que PMI, c’est un gros atout depouvoir compter sur des bénévoles comme Valérie. Elle a réalisé un beau travail comme Webmaster & EMEA Congress 2012 Communication coordinator, et je suis convaincu qu’elle nous aidera encore considérablement dans l’avenir.

Christian-Jacques Bonetto, Knowledge Manager – Project Management Discipline, 22 Oct 2012

Chef de l’Unité Contenu Scientifique & Management de Projets

(En Anglais)
I have worked with Valerie on a project I was leading. Valerie was the referent web and communication. Her contribution to the project (development of an educational platform for the community of European cardiologists) has been invaluable.
Moreover, Valerie has inspired me to go for the PMP certification. She is a true PMP, with the rigour and discipline that is required of a professional project manager.
What makes the difference with Valerie is her dynamism and her creativity.
I strongly recommend Valerie.

Celine CarreraHead of Education in Cardiology Department at European Society of Cardiology, 24 Nov 2012

(En Anglais)
Valerie is an exceptional manager who deeply understands the business side as well as the technical side. On numerous occasions, she was able to produce effective solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable, and was able to deliver them on time and on budget. She manages large teams and small teams effectively and I would welcome her participation on any project.

Eric DelenteOwner, Managing Director at Enforme Interactive, 24 Oct 2012

(En Anglais)
I had the opportunity of knowing Valerie Laforest for the last 4 years when she worked for the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) as Head of the Scientific content & Project Management unit. I worked with her in two main projects: the development of the new ESC search engine (as Chair of the ESC search engine Task Force) and in the ESC Congress reports (as editor-in-chief). As a result of this interaction I feel qualified to assess her abilities.
Valerie Laforest strongly supported these two projects. Without her intellectual contribution, enthusiasm, and hard work it would be very difficult to achieve the goals that were established from the beginning and to obtain the success that we saw in these two projects.
In these years of interaction I always deeply appreciated her leadership, punctuality, professionalism, independence, and dedication to work. Moreover, her abilities to plan for the future and strategical thoughts were very helpful to develop these activities. Valerie Laforest always had an excellent personal relationship and was extremely professional and competent.
In addition to having these outstanding skills, on a personal level, Valerie Laforest is industrious, energetic, and honest and has the utmost integrity.
If you have any questions regarding her abilities please do not hesitate to contact me in the near future.

Lino Gonçalves, MD, PhD, FESC, 23 Oct 2012

(En Anglais)
It is with great pleasure I recommend Valerie to whoever it may concern. I value Valerie for her immense knowledge in IT, especially from the communication view. Her mastering of the position as Web & Communication – Project Manager PMP® at the European Society of Cardiology was excellent and she seems to have an endless patience with persons (like me) who has another profession far from the IT but still dependent on it for my daily work.
I really appreciate Valerie as a professional and as a very good person and wish her good luck in the future.

Eva. Swahn, Professor, överläkare at Kardiologiska kliniken & LARC, 23 Oct 2012

Chef de Projets Senior

(En Anglais)
Our team had the pleasure to work with Valérie as a localization provider while she was working at European Society of Cardiology. Valérie has high level of expertise in project management and global web initiatives, capable of executing very complex prrojects successfully and timely (altogether with a positive attitude which makes often challenging environment a pleasure!).

Cécile Kiledjian, Business Development Director at Lionbridge, Life Sciences, 19 Apr 2012

(En Anglais)
Valérie shows great dedication to her work and is an extremely valuable asset to the team. She is a natural project manager who knows how to show attention to detail and yet has the ability to see the bigger picture. She has excellent customer relationship skills and is a team player who remains calm and positive even in times of difficulty. I thoroughly recommend Valérie – it is a pleasure to work with her!

Ronnie Lassiaille, Digital e-Communications Manager, 22 Feb 2009