Search Twitter, find TOPSY!

Every news is now in Twitter!  This is probably accurate for all kinds of news items and has been increasingly exhaustive since 2006.

That statement would be even more productive if users could search Twitter efficiently. Actually, Twitter had a deal with Google but it expired in 2011. Demand is potentially huge for news search, social analytics, brand monitoring, marketing research, scientific watch… Unfortunately Twitter’s search only offers basic features where fresh content is over represented and refine is missing.

This is now made possible with TOPSY: a powerful Twitter search and a services portal.

Every Tweet all way back to 2006 is now indexed and searchable, results may be refined by freshness, type of Tweet and language. For instance when using “Nokia Microsoft” as keywords, filtering to English language and ordering results by Oldest, the user will find when the news of the acquisition was first published.

The Topsy search facility with 400 billions of content pieces is accessible for the public which makes it the largest and most comprehensive archive of Twitter’s data that has ever existed for free, public access. The site’s business model is based on sophisticated tools for marketers.

The internet would certainly be useless without search, it allows the visitors to convert data into information. Twitter data has just been re-injected in the big pool of searchable data in a clever way.

Reference: If Google Could Search Twitter, It Would Find Topsy




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