My grand-ma is on Twitter! How Seniors are crashing the social media party

It all started with Skype just to hangout with family living faraway, then Facebook to interact with grandkids, then Pinterest and Instagram to share photos and now Twitter’s use is growing to share information.

With better designs and techniques, the interfaces created to use these applications made them more accessible. Tablets caused another boost in the exponentially growing number of people who have internet access at home because it so easy to use them.

And now, the secondary effects have started showing: Seniors have become THE emerging social media user’s group. According to a recent report, 43% of over 65s who are on the internet in 2013 are using social media, compared to 26% in 2010. For the 18-29 age group, numbers were 89% in 2013 up from 86% in 2010. The number of individuals in these age groups might be really close if you consider that about half the seniors in North America and Europe are online, and that those populations are not getting any younger. Let’s do the Maths: those 43% of half of the Americans over 65 represents more than 8 million people!

The health industry has started several years ago to communicate with patients using dedicated websites, the e-commerce sector has started to adapt to senior customers ordering online, but elderly customer’s behaviour has shifted further and they now turn to social media. Continued education managers noticed that seniors are going back to school to learn about social media in order to contact like-minded individuals, gather knowledge, share valuable information and look for information about financing and retirement plans according to a recent survey.

Communities and businesses, your online audience now has a new segment to be considered. Get ready to welcome and assist the X and W generations to the social media party!

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