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Valerie Laforest,

Director of Community Jane

Valerie started as a Clinical Trials Data Analyst in an international Pharmaceutical company, then she specialised in Clinical Trials Data Management. She has been involved in a large pilot project and conducted the User Acceptance testing of a Software Validation process.

In 2002, Valerie joins a major non-profit medical society as a Project Data Manager in charge of the development and running of very large online patient registries.

In 2007, she integrates the IT/Web Division as a Senior Project Manager, adding on more web skills (site search, SEO, social media), event communication and content development expertise.

Valerie passed the PMP® certification delivered by the Project Management Institute in 2009 (check registry).

As a volunteer, Valerie is Webmaster of the PMI France Chapter Website (started in 2011, redesigned in 2013).

In 2012, she creates Community Jane to bring her skills and experience to other businesses and professional non-profits.
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Valerie’s experience includes:

  • Communities expert, 10+ years in non-profit medical societies.
  • Project management, ambitious web projects, building, redesign, re-platform.
  • Scientific content, development, integration, Search, recommendation.
  • Event communication, work with social media, event related content creation.
  • Web tools, SEO, traffic analysis, surveys.
  • Content Management Systems, eZpublish, Sharepoint, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress…


Based in the South of France, I work with virtual teams and customers or suppliers located abroad (Europe, USA, Middle East).

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My Skills

SharePoint 85%
Medical Societies 90%
Opensource CMS 80%
Site Search 75%
Events communication 85%
Scientific content 95%
Project Management 100%


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Project owner's assistance

Running a project requires skills, experience and a lot of work. Many companies or departments don’t have specialised staff and can’t afford to hire some for a single project. Therefore they are doing their best but the workload going up and the lack of appropriate lead, structure and advise increases the risk level on their projects.
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Community management services

After spending over 10 years serving international societies, leading several of their websites redesign projects and participating in the set-up of their communication strategy, I have an extended knowledge of what the expectations of professional communities might be. I will help you to learn, analyse, build, play and capitalise on your community management strategy.
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Scientific Content Development

The content is the most important asset of your site and a very strong incentive to attract new members in your community. For scientific societies, there is a lot of competition from journals, industry, blogs and other societies regarding the content.
You need your scientific content to be structured, innovant and accessible.

Expertise In


Ambitious web projects:

Endeavours involving emerging technologies, integration challenges, difficult stakeholders or wide / overlapping scope.


Community management:

Strengthen the cohesion of the groups, develop communication strategy, select and customise the appropriate media, monitor performance.


Scientific content development:

Assist experts in the creation, organisation and publication of content which is pertinent for the intended audience.


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Many thanks to colleagues and partners for their contribution.

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This is about sharing knowledge and information …

What can Snapchat versus Facebook teach us?

What can Snapchat versus Facebook teach us?

By : V. Laforest Category : Blog Posted On : 5 December 2013
The recent buzz about Snapchat made me realise that the shorter the content life span, the higher the value. Opposed to Facebook whose purpose is to keep a record of everything about you since birth, Snapchat’s posts disappear as soon as the recipient has seen them. Such communication platforms are extremely popular in the youngest age groups but are still failing to convince a larger audience. Most businesses and communities would not support the request from staff and members for an ephemeral messaging system. Why not? And is there an interest? Read More
My grand-ma is on Twitter! How Seniors are crashing the social media party

My grand-ma is on Twitter! How Seniors are crashing the social media party

By : V. Laforest Category : Blog Posted On : 3 November 2013
It all started with Skype just to hangout with family living faraway, then Facebook to interact with grandkids, then Pinterest and Instagram to share photos and now Twitter's use is growing to share information. With better designs and techniques, the interfaces created to use these applications made them more accessible. Tablets caused another boost in the exponentially growing number of people who have internet access at home because it so easy to use them. Read More
Search Twitter, find TOPSY!

Search Twitter, find TOPSY!

By : V. Laforest Category : Blog Posted On : 4 September 2013
Every news is now in Twitter!  This is probably accurate for all kinds of news items and has been increasingly exhaustive since 2006. That statement would be even more productive if users could search Twitter efficiently. Actually, Twitter had a deal with Google but it expired in 2011. Demand is potentially huge for news search, social analytics, brand monitoring, marketing research, scientific watch... Unfortunately Twitter's search only offers basic features where fresh content is over represented and refine is missing. This is now made possible with TOPSY: a powerful Twitter search and a services portal. Read More
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